Are you always shoveling to load your wheel barrow?

Effortlessly unload your landscape materials with a SmartGate Conveyor.

No more back-breaking shoveling.


Remote Controlled

No Towing Interference

For Many Materials

  • Replace your tailgate with a Smartgate - no retrofitting to most dump bodies.
  • Haul your product to the job while pulling your trailer of tools!
  • No need to attach and detach for every job.
  • Can be installed on electric over hydraulic, or fully hydraulic dump trucks
  • Does not hinder bulk deliveries
  • Unloads out either side
  • Eliminates one laborer
  • All functions remote controlled
  • Can be hand-lifted
  • Attaches/detaches in minutes
  • Designed and fabricated in the U.S

We used our SmartGate Conveyor first to unload wet loam off the truck to repair snow plowing damage along driveway and parking lot areas. The guys loved it. We have been using it for about a month now for mulch and it’s savings dividends! With not having to get up into the truck, it saves time, energy, and better overall efficiency for loading wheel barrows! The guys are very happy with the purchase!

Derek at Make a Difference Landscaping, NH

"These units are user friendly. Absolutely eliminates back breaking labor and one worker on the job. Wheelbarrow loads in 6 seconds. Either side discharge is very useful. We love it for stone. Saves time and money!"

Cutting Edge Lawn Care

"SmartGate saved us a guy on the job! It's a great tool and a great buy!"

Scottville, MI

"It definitely saved 1-2 guys on our crew. We didn't care to do decorative gravel jobs before because it was so hard to handle but now with the SmartGate Conveyor, we don't mind them at all!"

Oswego, IL


What all material can you use?

Any loose, bulk material like mulch, stone, soil, sand, etc, are able to be handled. Large stones or boulders should not be handled as that can damage the unit. The SmartGate replaces your standard tailgate and functions as a side unload conveyor on your tailgate as you dump the bed. When handling brush and debris, the dump bed can be used like normal.

What truck beds does this fit?

The SmartGate fits on most standard dump bodies. Contact us for custom installation.

Can I still use the dump and hitch on the truck?

Yes, the SmartGate Conveyor is slightly larger than a standard dump tailgate. It does not interfere with hitch or dump bed usage. 

What are the maintenance points?

The SmartGate unit requires little maintenance. A few grease points and regular hydraulic maintenance will keep your unit running smoothly. After several weeks of use, the conveyor belt may need tightening and after several years may require replacement. The cables that open and close the unit should be observed for wear and may require replacement yearly.

How easy is the SmartGate Conveyor to install?

The SmartGate unit attaches to a standard dump body on the bottom dump latches and the open/close cables attach to the side of the truck bed. No extra bolting or brackets are required. That SmartGate is powered by the electric or hydraulic dump power. The unit itself weighs about 300 lbs. If you no longer need the SmartGate or need to switch between trucks, it is a simple switch over. Simple unlatch, unhook the cables and hoses and remove the unit.

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